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About Us

COSMIC by BennyOsbon is cosmetic production company operating under the umbrella of The Osbon Inc Ltd. Cosmic was founded by Ghanaian-American magnate; Benedict Osei-Bonsu A.K.A Benny Osbon. Cosmic aims to enhance inner and outer beauty while promoting individuality.  Our products are for both women and men. We aim to achieve limitless beauty.

We produce beauty products such as Makeup (foundation, Concealer, blush, Lipstick) facial wash/cleanser, body Lotion, shaving creams and after-shave gel. Our cosmetics are designed for various skin types and are ophthalmologist tested and approved by the United States FDA. Our products are featured in fashion shows, lifestyle magazines and High-End department stores in U.S.A & Ghana.

COSMIC offers high quality, skin-friendly products to suit every individual’s personality. Cosmic is committed to assisting each consumer to embrace his or her peculiar beauty and self-worth to stand out.


Mission Statement:

“Cosmic aims to have a telepathic connection with its customers to enhance their inner and outer beauty while promoting individuality.”